Moving swimming pool floor

An innovation for the rising and lowering of the floor of the swimming pool with the push of a button. The principle of operation is the same as for “tension leg platforms”. The deck tends to rise due to buoyancy action produced from air under the deck. The deck is held down by tendons. When the deck is loaded the tension decreases and the deck does not sink.

The deck is down when the swimming pool is in use. To lift the deck and convert the pool area into a dry floor area, a button is pressed and air is pumped under the deck. The deck rises when buoyancy exceeds the weight. Excess buoyancy is provided and the deck is held down by tendons. When the floor is loaded, the tension in the tendons decreases, without the deck sinking, thus providing a useful space to sit, play, dance and utilize otherwise. The deck is lowered by simply pressing a button to release the air back to the atmosphere.